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Request/Fulfillment System Version 1 (RFSv1) is a customized Graphics Request System built for Television Networks which has the ability to manage about 7000 Requests from 18 Different related Television Stations around the United States.



SERVICES // Database Structure


RFS has built using Servoy's 'SaaS' model architecture. Where almost all the table have the field tenant-id, which can

be used to separate the data among various tenants.

Database, “rfs” is used to store all the User Data that is all the Project specific informations, Attachment and Assets information etc. Database, “svy_metadata” is used to store all the application specific data such as the tenant information, users information, security informations etc.

SERVICES // Added Servoy Components


Apart from the existing beans and plug-ins, RFS has been enriched with some other custom beans and plug-ins to aid the functionalities.
MFPlayer Bean

MFPlayer Bean is used to play graphics assets associated in RFS. This plug-in is made up of to stream the content from the CDN location to the local file system and start playing the file. 

Threading Plug-in

Threading Plug-in is used in RFS, to do background processing such as uploading attachments and assets, exporting files to the local file system etc.

SERVICES // Kenwood Team


We are a team that loves what we do and we are here for your needs.

Please reach out to us and allow us to answer any questions you have and how we can support you!

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